Lighthouse Daycare Center strives to be a “Center of Excellence” where our children are cared for in a safe environment. As a feature to our center, we offer a keyless door entry to allow minimum access to the building.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Protect children and employees.
  • Provide parents with entrance access to their children.
  • Limit visitors from walking into the building unannounced.
  • Allow teachers easy entrance into the building.

The location of the keypad will be on the East front door of the building.

Each parent and staff member will be given an access code that will be confidential. This code is not to be shared with other staff members or parents. The keypad will be monitored by the Administration Department. A guest door button will be available on the system if someone does not have a code. When a parent or employee is no longer affiliated with the Daycare, Administration will remove their number by the end of that business day.

ProCare Software

Lighthouse Daycare Center uses ProCare software to manage many of the daily operations of our center. With this software, you can communicate with your child’s teacher, pay your weekly fees, see notes about closings and more. You receive a login for ProCare upon enrollment. Please be sure to check your ProCare account regularly so that you don’t miss any information. There is also an app that can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android devices.

Emergency Drills

Fire drills and other emergency drills are conducted monthly at our daycare. We have a full detailed emergency plan available that covers a variety of emergency situations, including power failure, chemical spills, flooding, and medical emergencies. Refer to the Parent Handbook for detailed information.

Child Abuse and Neglect

The Center is required by law to report all suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. The Daycare Director will fill out an abuse/neglect form describing the circumstances leading to the suspicion of abuse/neglect. This form will be submitted to Child Protective Services. All Lighthouse Staff are mandatory reporters.

The causes for reporting suspected child abuse and/or neglect include but not limited to:

  • Unusual bruising, marks, or cuts on the child’s body
  • Several verbal reprimands
  • Improper clothing related to size, cleanliness, season
  • Transporting a child without appropriate child restraints (car seats, seat belts, etc.)
  • Dropping off or picking up a child while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failure to provide appropriate meals to the child
  • Leaving a child unattended for any amount of time
  • Failure to attend to the special needs of a disabled child
  • Children who exhibit behavior consistent with an abusive situation
  • Children exposed to a serious or endangering situation


If we find lice or nits or fleas in a child’s hair, we will remove the child from the classroom. We will contact the parent to pick up the child. We will give the parents information about treating and removing the lice from the child’s hair. When the child returns to the Center, the staff will check the child’s hair for lice, nits or fleas. The child will not be permitted to attend the program until all lice, nits, or fleas are removed from the hair/child. In extreme cases the Center may be closed for removal of the fleas/lice and the exterminator’s fee will be charged to the family.


We will notify the parents of any injury on the same day of the occurrence via an accident/incident report form, any time first aid has to be given. The parent is to sign the report and return to the teacher to be placed in the child’s file. If the parent does not pick up the child, we will give the report to the person picking up the child on behalf of the parent. Fir all severe injuries, parents will be notified immediately via phone and will be reported to the Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Resources or his/ her designee.


The medication log must be filled out daily for any type of medication to be given to your child. All medication must be in their original containers and the appropriate measuring devices must be sent. Staff that are certified in Medication Administration are the only staff allowed to administer medication to a student with (1) written permission from the parent/ legal guardian and (2) a prescription or a written order from a physician or other licensed health care provider. This also includes any over-the-counter medications, such as cough syrup or Benadryl cream. Lighthouse does not administer insulin due to unlicensed personal (no health care provider). A medical plan of care will be required from a physician of a child has a chronic health condition that requires specific attention or has a potential to become a medical emergency.

**Medication for teething pain that contains benzocaine is not to be used without instruction from the child’s health care provider. **


Lighthouse Daycare Center and Christian Academy and Daycare Center is a non-profit, state licensed child care center covered by Guide One Insurance Company. The church facility is maintained to ensure that safe conditions are practiced daily. Parents are responsible for providing health insurance for their child/children to cover any accident your child may incur while at Lighthouse. Lighthouse has an open-door policy in which parental visits and conferences and observations are encouraged. Lighthouse follows all rules and regulations of the WVDHHR, Putnam County Health Department, and the West Virginia State Fire Marshal. Lighthouse Participates with the Child and Adult Food Program WV (CACFP).